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Henry 2k Classic X Conversion to 5K Dual 8877"s
Henry 2K to 5K Output Pictures 2 X 8877
Henry 3KA Conversion to 5K
Converting an Ameritron Al 1500 Linear amplifier to Dual 8877's
Henry 3K and 8K Ultra Manual
Henry 5K, 3K Classic Manuals
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First licensed in 1978 and have loved the hobby ever since. Like most hams I have owned and operated my fair share of radios and amplifiers, and always trying to build that better antenna.

Other ham radio operators in the family include my brother, Dan, KA1CIV, son Chris, KA1OWL, and grandson, Mike, KB1QXM. 

Main operating radio is Yaesu FTDX 9000MP, SDR Flex Radio, Kenwood TS 2000.  The Flex is best for the pan adapter, once you get use to seeing the pan, its hard to use other radios with out a pan adapter, it feels like your missing a large portion of your radio.  A must have is the pan adapter..........

Henry 2K Classic X Conversion to 5K Output Pictures !! 10KW Meter

Henry 2K Classic X Conversion to 5K
Click on Link on Left for more information

Inside the Henry after conversion
2 X 3CPX1500A7's

Henry 2k Classic X Conversion to Henry 5K

My e-mail

2 X 8877's Output Pictures Ameritron AL 1500

Ameritron AL 1500 Project Dual 8877's

The Ameritron AL 1500 conversion to Dual 8877's, 2 X 8877.

Any donation is welcome.

Pat ---> Ka1cde

MORE Henry 3KA Pictures Here

Henry 3KA Converted to 5K
Henry in standy

Inside the 3KA
2 X 8877's

6000 + watts out
Coaxial Dynamic Meters PEP / 150 watts Drive

Henry 3K and 8K Manuals

Inside a Henry 8K Ultra

Henry 3K Premier

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